The Best Gift For Your Gay Friend

Raise your hand if there’s someone who’s your gay best friend, who also serves as your stylist, your therapist, your comedian, or your date for a party. If you have a gay friend, you should always keep them close to you.

One of the best things you can do for your gay best friend is get him/her a Mzansi.Porn subscription or a bomb-ass gift.

Whether it’ll be for an upcoming birthday, Christmas, or just because, your gay friend wants you to smile at him. These gift ideas will have both you and him peeing with laughter.

Check out these 5 sexual gifts for a gay bestfriend!

Anal Expanders

Let’s talk about sex. There’s no other way for gay men to achieve orgasm than through penetration, so you might as wel­t give them some decorative toys to enhance their experience. These anal expanders would be the perfect gift for your friend who is gay. Trust me, they will appreciate it later.

Anal plugs

Vibrating Ring 

This is definitely one gift that any gay best friend would appreciate. It will literally blow his mind and completely change their sexual experience.

If your friend likes to have fun in bed, he’d probably love this vibrating ring that has three different speeds and patterns. It’s waterproof too, which means you don’t need to worry about getting it wet when you use it. Your friend will definitely laugh at this, but he or she will be forever grateful for this gift idea!

Sexy Thongs

We’re all the same at this point: men or women, we all get seduced by what’s visible and felt, so no question that a good lingerie will turn our sex life into something unexpected.

It’s always nice to get a new sexy outfit to put on for your lover to take off. You’re sure to get a lot of compliments from your friends and their guys for doing this.

Sexy gay thongs

Stripper Pole

A stripper pole would be a perfect gift for a gay man. This is something your gay friend its going to remember for the rest of hes life. It’ll make him feel like a real stud whenever he uses it.

Pole dancing is a great workout, and it’s really sexy too! If your friend loves dancing and looks good doing it, then this is the perfect gift.

The Inflatable Boy

Your gay friend knows how much he loves watching mzansi porn, doesn’t he? It’s a good idea to buy an inflatable boy for it.

Now he can watch gay porn while fucking this inflatable boy and forget about handjobs… They are good but is always better to have real penetration!

Male inflatable boy

There are millions of sexual options out there that you can give to your gay friend to make his sex life warmer and more fun, however we think these are the most economical and the least interesting to make his nights of pleasure unmatched!

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