Video Games for LGBT Communities

Finding video games that include all kinds of people and sexualities isn’t easy, but fortunately there are some games that allow you to romance and date members of your same sex.

Here are 5 video game titles where you can play as a gay, lesbian, and/or homosexual character!

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series has been praised for its narrative, romance, and decision-making choices that can really change your experience with the game.

You can play as either male or female at the start of Mass Effect, but it doesn’t change anything about the game except for the visual appearance of your characters.

Regardless of which version of Shep you choose, you can pretty much date and mess around with a bunch of other characters, no matter if they’re female, male, or some weird alien species.

Mass Effect Gay Kiss

Dream Daddy

As a single gay dad in a new city, there are opportunities for you to meet other gay dads in the neighborhood who all have their own unique personality traits and characteristics that make them different from each other.

This is a gay dad  dating simulator!

You can flirt with your neighbor’s dad, or go on a fun coffee date with your friend’s husband. There are seven different dad characters for you to hang out and play with. You can also customize the look and personality of your own character by placing a piece of yourself inside him.

The Sims 4

The Sims has traditionally let players date the members of their own sex, but especially in the latest game. You can get married, adopt children, and do almost anything that heterosexual couples can do.

When the first Sims game was released, you couldn’t marry your same-sex partners, but EA went out their way to ensure that everyone was included in the next versions of the game.

From just looking at that image, the developers want you feel proud of your sexuality in both the game and in real-life. The Sims is the ideal game for living out your best life and loving whoever you want to love!

Sims 4

Life Is Strange

This is a game made for lesbians! You will find our protagonist, Max Caulfield, exploring her sexuality with none other than her best friend, Chloe Price.

Life is Strange also tackles the idea of characters being gay or just figuring out what kind of people they are attracted to, but the series never actually uses the term gay.

It’s really cool to see the developers allowing players to choose how they want to approach romance without labeling everything.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley may look like just a simple farming/RPG game at first glance, but there’s so much more LGBT content here than you’d expect! 

There are six male and six female characters in your farm town of Stardest who are single and looking for love. You can choose to be friends or date any of these characters, whether they’re male or female.

Once you get married, he or she will move in with you and start helping out with chores. You can also expect some sex and lots of kisses!

Stardew LGBTQ game

In conclusion, if you are a gamer and part of the LGBT community this list of video games can not miss in your favorite console. In these games you will have a digital space in which to feel safe, free and identified with your favorite characters.

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